Lebedeva M. M., Zinovieva E. S. International Negotiations in the Digital Age

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Автор: Лебедева М. М., Зиновьева Е. С.
ISBN: 978-5-7567-1244-5
Оформление: Переплет
Объем (стр.): 242
Год издания: 2022
Формат: 140х210 мм
Вид литературы: Textbook

The textbook is designed to teach the technology of international negotiations in the digital age. The fi rst section presents an overview of scientifi c research on the process of negotiation. The second section contains the basics of negotiation technologies. The third section covers various types of international negotiations. The fourth section describes the main areas of the transformation of negotiation technologies brought about by global digital transformation. For bachelor and master students of universities in the field of international relations and foreign regional studies.


Section 1 International Negotiations: General Characteristics
Chapter 1 International Negotiations Research
1.1. Major aspects of the analysis of international negotiations
1.2. Foreign studies of the international negotiations
1.3. Russian research of international negotiations
Chapter 2 International Negotiations as a Practice
2.1. Conditions necessary for negotiations to start
2.2. Functions of international negotiations
2.3. Features of human activity in negotiation
2.4. A pproaches to the classifi cation of international negotiations
Chapter 3 Communication During International Negotiations
3.1. The importance of communication
3.2. Non-verbal means of communication in negotiations
Chapter 4 P erception and Decision Making in International Negotiations
4.1. The role of perception in negotiations
4.2. Decisions in international negotiations
Section 2 Preparing for and Holding International Negotiations
Chapter 5 The Main Parameters of Preparation for Negotiations
5.1. Conditions for the start of negotiations in confl icts and crisis
5.2. Organizational issues in the preparation for negotiations
5.3. Preparation for negotiations
Chapter 6 Structure of the International Negotiation Process
6.1. Two basic negotiation strategies
6.2. Stages of negotiation and ways to submit one’s position
6.3. Tactics in international negotiations
6.4. The problem of fl exibility and strength of positions in negotiating
Section 3 F eatures of Conducting Various Types of International Negotiations
Chapter 7 High-Level and Multilateral Negotiations
7.1. O rganization and conduct of negotiations at the summit and high levels
7.2. Multilateral and multi-level negotiations
Chapter 8 National and Personal Styles of International Negotiations
8.1. National negotiating styles
8.2. Personal negotiation style
Chapter 9 Mediation in International Negotiations
9.1. Challenges facing the mediator
9.2. Mediation techniques
9.3. Requirements for a mediator and the major diffi culties they may face
Section 4 The Impact of Global Digital Transformation on International Negotiations
Chapter 10 Digital Technologies in International Negotiations
10.1. Trends in the digitalization of international negotiations
10.2. The digital dimension of negotiation practice
Chapter 11 Social Media in Modern Diplomacy
11.1. Digital public diplomacy
11.2. Digital tools in mediation
Methodological Recommendations
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